Is It Easy To Acquire Yachts And Boats And How?

Yachts have always been one symbol for any wealthy man that signifies that they can afford such a thing for themselves while boats have always been a symbol for a person who loves fishing or they are in the fishing business. Both are not something you can easily acquire since they do not come cheap but it is also not that too hard to get one since there are procedures you can just follow step by step.

First, you would need some permission from the coast guard since it is their responsibility to look after you while you are at sea or in any bodies of water you put your yachts and boats. They have to make sure that your boats can handle certain conditions and you have the perfect survivor’s gears to make you last in the sea for a couple of days. Dr Kadri a beverly hills based plastic surgeon invited us last month to join us at the Marina Del Ray yacht club. He showed us several new boats that have new navigation that is state of the art. Some of these boats go north of $800,000 to $1M! Incredible how far the state of the art has become.
Navigating the oceans with this sort of equipment would be simply a dream.

Many thanks go out to Kadri and his staff for the introductions.

 You are also required to have radios so you can keep in contact with them. Some countries would even let you go to strenuous steps and lectures just to make sure that you were warned of the dangers of the sea or ocean. Then there are further instructions from professionals who know about driving boats or yachts and then you can purchase your own.

There are however some countries that would make their own makeshift boats but they would still need to register to a nearby coast guard for safety. It is better this way so that they can easily rescue them at sea if they get in trouble.

Vast and Open Sea Awaits during Travel with Yachts & Boats

Many people love travelling and going on distant places on sea. The experience is very different compared to travelling by air or land. Plane trips are often quick and fast making the experience not really worthwhile and passengers tend to go to sleep on such travels. This is quite different when one travels on sea.

The smell of the open seas and its view is breathtaking. If one is lucky, they are able to see fishes, dolphins and other marine creatures during their trip. Traveling in seas also takes a while making one enjoy the beautiful clear Blue Ocean and vast scenery. This is why most people who plan on taking long breaks during vacation prefer to hire or ride yachts and boats.

A fishing trip is a great activity that can be enjoyed by people of any age. This makes it a fun experience with families, friends or relatives. There are many fishing spots near towns and they work extremely well. Of course, if you want to get bigger and more diverse fishes then you will need to hire a fishing boat to accommodate the size of your haul and also your travel.

For leisure and fun time with friends, yachts are somewhat a preference of choice as most of them have Jacuzzis, pools and other recreational activities that passengers can enjoy during their travels. For a more secluded and intimate experience, private yachts can be hired though their asking price would be relatively higher than a normal sailing boat.

Yachts & Boats

People love to travel and this is quite apparent with the different transportation vehicles that we have today. Airplanes offer fast and quick trips taking only a few hours of your time to reach certain destinations. However, this limit the time a person may spend on the airplane. People usually take naps during the flights making it a very quiet and forgettable experience. A cruise ship on the other hand offers fun and excitement to their guests. If you are looking for a more intimate and personal experience along with your friends and family then you might want to look for Yachts or boats to as a means for travel.

A yacht is a recreational boat or ship. It is a light fast sailing vessel that is mainly used for leisure intention. Yachts are sold and are also often hired. This is perfect for private pleasure purposes where no one can disturb you. Yachts fall into different categories each with their own distinct features such as sailing yachts, cruising yachts, luxury sailing yachts, racing yachts etc. It is recommended to read and learn more about these types of yachts to know which one to buy or hire.

If you are feeling quite generous with your friends or family then you might want to look Luxury yachts. These yachts come at a hefty price because of their features. They have different decks each with their own layout. A swimming platform, dining room even Jacuzzis are available for use.

The Prestige Of Owning Yachts And Boats

The wealthy community would always have something that they could boast among themselves because they can afford such items. Some would have cars and vehicles that only the wealthy class could afford, some would be something extreme like an airplane or even a jet. There are many wealthy people who would buy those kinds of extreme items but there is one common type of vehicle that almost all wealthy people have as properties. These would be yachts and boats because it has something that the other vehicles have.

Yachts and boats are a must for the really wealthy people around the world because of its uses. For some it could be for travel which could lessen their burden of riding public transportation boats. There are just some wealthy people who want to travel in a private yacht or boat to certain parts of the world. Some would use it for their summer getaway. With yachts and boats they can host grand summer parties on it and enjoy themselves without worrying of other people who use public beaches. They get the exclusivity of privacy and they can enjoy it in peace.

Some even use these yachts and boats for their own businesses. Since it is pretty private once you are in the middle of the ocean, they can transact their own businesses and deals there without getting disturbed or monitored by other rival companies. The real benefit of this is the privacy that they gain when they are on one.

Why The Rich And Famous Like To Own Yachts And Boats


You would see them on piers and beaches where the rich and famous own. They can be sometimes big while some are just enough for a family to ride in. These yachts and boats are always known to be owned by rich and famous people because of the fact that they can afford such luxurious properties. These yachts and boats would have different kinds of facilities that no ordinary boat could have and they would be adorned with very expensive decorations since most rich people love to make their properties look expensive too. Some people would still ask why the rich and famous like to own yachts and boats. Well here are the reasons why they want to have them.

First of all it is a way of showing off to their peers. Most rich people like to display how wealthy they are with their possessions and one of those would be yachts and boats. The better the paint, decorations and the bigger the size, the better it is for them to show off to their peers.

Second most rich people just want something that could complete their ways of transportation. If they have something for land and air, why not for the sea faring? With yachts and boats they can now complete their set of transportation in this planet.

Some just want it for fun. They would purchase yachts and boats for entertainment service since some rich people like to have parties. With yachts and boats it gets even better.

Why You Need to Have Yachts & Boats

Boating or yachting is considered as a very exciting recreational activity. Enjoying a sunny day while hitting the sea is a very wonderful activity to enjoy with family and loved ones. However, many individuals might think that this kind of activity is a bit boring after a couple of days. Fortunately, there are many activities you can enjoy while boarding yourself in a boat or yacht. This will surely never keep you bored while you are in the middle of the sea.

Yachting and boating is really fun. However, if you have some other enjoyable hobbies aside from these, then you can actually bring it along with your boat or yacht. If you love to read, then never leave your favorite books at home. You can actually continue reading while under the beautiful sunshine in the middle of the ocean. If you love to write, then you can bring your own laptop or iPad with you. Your yacht or boat will help you create inspiring short stories amidst the ocean.

With your boat or yacht, you are free to explore the ocean. You can explore the locality while immersing yourself in varied rich local culture and tradition. In addition, if you love to swim, just anchor your boat and enjoy swimming. You should really know how to swim because it is a very good form of exercise. If you are into water sports, then never bother yourself not to do it. With your boat or yacht, you can enjoy tubing, skiing or waterboarding.

The Perfect Boats for Sailing

Perfect boats, Lights Fishing Boat Harbour Fremantle
Perfect boats, Lights Fishing Boat Harbour Fremantle—amandabhslater (

People having sailing as a hobby will naturally look for the perfect boat to sail and one that is seaworthy and one he can easily maneuver. However, he may also try to find the bigger boats for the longer journeys he would like to have. The space below the deck or the number of cabins may also be a factor. The ideal boats will have the better qualities for offshore and also for ocean sailing. Choosing the right boat for sailing may not be that easy yet. For a sailor, there are things he will consider, like the sailing areas he will go to, the type of sailing he will do, the number of people accompanying him, and probably also the budget he will have to incur in acquiring the sailboat.

There may not be one perfect sailing boat at all, because there are individual people’s differences, and also differing choices people can have. Choosing an ideal sailboat for a sailor can differ based on the individual’s choices where his standard of quality will also be different from the other sailors. When he would like to increase the quality of one parameter or gauge, the other sailors may want other parameters to be changed, and not what he wants to improve. Thus they may have their own individual best sailing boats, based on their individual differences. Some may want the bigger boats or yachts but others may just want to have those enough to load three or four.

For people who want to go to ocean adventure trips with family or with friends, the much bigger yacht may be what they will consider as the perfect boat for sailing. There may also be some differences on the kind of design that a perfect sailing boat should have. Thus, a perfect boat for sailing can be one that is a result of compromise, perfect for one with the quality he wants and also some qualities perfect for the other sailors. It will then be a question of personal valuation, on which is the perfect boat to sail. This may be hard to find in the present and modern day sailboats where a sailor may just compromise on one aspect of the boat and sacrifice what he wants for other aspects.

It can be said that the perfect sailboat can be one that have something for everyone. Safety must not be compromised while also having the perfect accommodations enough for the number of people you want with you in the trip. All safety equipment should be onboard and the boat easy to maneuver in case of emergencies. It should also be the well designed boat that may just be simple in looks but with the safe qualities it should have.

Performance of the boat must not be questionable; the hull and body, and also the engines must be at top performance levels. It should be one that is not only a boat for sailing but also like a home to live into. These are qualities that a sailor may want for his boat to be that perfect for sailing.

How to Choose a Boat to Buy

False Creek Squatter\'s Boat
False Creek Squatter\’s Boat—Qole Pejorian (

Being able to afford to buy a boat is considered to be a real privilege. It is only common for the very rich and famous people. And even the rich and famous buy smartly that is the main reason why they are where there are right now. They don’t easily buy things out of compulsion; they are mostly smart buyers and think of their purchases through before they finally decide if they need to buy it. Learning how to choose a boat to buy is a serious matter and it takes some time before you can truly understand how to buy it the right way.

It is important that you know where exactly you are going to use your boat. This will guide you on what specific design you can buy from the different boats available in the market. After you have made it clear what boat you can buy, you need to determine just how much you can afford to spend in buying a boat. Your budget can play a big part in choosing the right design for you. But if money is not the problem, it is important to consider the leading design of boat that is available within the category you want. After these, know where the right store is that you can trust to buy the best boat for you.

With the good guide, you can never go wrong in buying a good boat that will be perfect for your own use. There are a lot of people who enjoy taking a ride on their boat with friends over the weekend or go fishing with the family on a weekend. Owning a boat gives you a lot of benefits. There are also many things that you can do with a boat. It is also important to ensure that your boat comes complete with all the papers required during purchase.

You can also find some good second hand deals out there. It is the best way to save a lot of money when you are after buying a boat. Just make sure that you are getting a good deal. There is a lot of risks involved in buying used things and buying a used boat is just the same. It is convenient if you already know its past owner so that you would know how much care they gave to that boat. You can ask for help from other owners to guide you in buying a good boat. Gathering enough information is another way of smartly finding the right boat.

It is fun and exciting to own a boat but if you are still unsure, you can always try to rent one and just get the feel of controlling a boat on your own. It gives you the freedom to explore different places that might be impossible to reach without having a boat. You can also consider renting your boat to friends so that you can earn while still ensuring that your boat is taken good care of. There are a lot of things that you can do with the boat but just consider its important uses.

Things to Consider in a Yacht

Owning a yacht and getting into the habit of buying boats is one expensive hobby. Of course, for the awfully rich this is one hobby that is originally fun, exciting and adventuresome.

Having your own boat to freely use in a whim so you can travel from one place to another is indeed more blissful than what life could ever offer. I wouldn’t miss the chance of getting one when I have the money to buy one.

Thus, for the purpose of quenching this passion I browsed through yachts and everything about the subject and thought of the following things that are best to consider when owning a yacht or of buying one big boat.

In planning to have one, money and length are the topmost consideration.

Buying a boat, specifically the one which will cater to your wants and needs entails monetary considerations. In this instance, the size will not matter but the budget will count.

In choosing a boat that fits your taste, it is wise to work on a ceiling while at the same time knowing how to balance quality. Either way, you should not sacrifice all these ingredients of choosing the best boat for you.

Moreover, it is also important that you should know whether the boat that is to your liking is legitimate. Meaning, you should know how to ask for the right documents and information from the seller. There are actually a lot of boats available for sale, but there are also a lot which are not legal or were stolen. Check it out, really. And be discerning with your choices and the people you will be dealing with when you scout for the right boat.

Second-hand boats are plenty in the market but there are a lot of things you have to consider.

Needless to say, when you already decided to buying one which is slightly used, but is clean and still functional, you can now give it a go. Of course, before the final decision will be reached, make sure you are able to conduct an ocular on the facilities and what available amenities there are inside the yacht. Have someone with you to help you in getting a good assessment of the boat.

It also advised that you ask for a sea trial. Just like buying a car, boats and yachts should also be tested for its sea worthiness. You don’t want to show off to friends and even prospective business partners and clients and then end up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean because the boat suddenly conks out.

The length of the yacht is also another consideration especially if you are sociable and prefer to entertain people. The yacht is one interesting venue to hold parties and events. But be warned that size is also equivalent to a more pricey cost. It’s never wrong to always knowing your mathematics.

Meantime, if you want to buy one according to your specifications, you also need to you’re your math. It’s still the best choice if you buy according to your taste because you will be assured of the appropriate design, color, speed and length to your approval.

Of Yachts and Boats: Tips to Buying One That Is Legit


Whether it is a yacht or a boat that has your interest drawn into it, buying one is a bit like buying a car only it involves a way bigger amount of money. So for anyone who may be working hard for the money, so to speak, this means serious business. Going about the selection and purchase of a prospective yacht or boat often calls for a good amount of consideration and caution – that is, if you want to end up buying one that is not lost, stolen or in a bad condition. But before you start “screening” a prospective offer, make sure that you have already decided whether to buy a new one or a used one. The tips that follow often apply to when you want to buy a used boat or yacht.

Owning a yacht or boat that is used but definitely clean and legitimate should cause you to consider some of these tips:

• Check the reason for its sale – You should only be convinced that the prospective yacht or boat for sale is legitimate if the owner’s reasons appear solid and well established. It will also serve as a good hint as to the condition of the boat or yacht. Take for instance an owner selling his boat because he wants to upgrade to a bigger and more modern one, then it is most likely that the boat is well cared for by the owner who appears to be a true boat enthusiast. Put it alongside a boat for sale that is a repossession which is in general an indication that the boat may not have been looked after for a period of time. Also consider seemingly bogus reasons because you might be buying a stolen yacht or boat.

• Do an inspection of the boat – This consideration is not limited to an inspection of the boat’s physical state but rather should include the documents which come with the boat making it a legally owned one and so consequently gives you a legal sale. If you are unsure about going through the inspection, you can always ask for the help of professional inspectors who can give you a better understanding of the yacht or boat’s condition from deck to engine and everything in between. As for the papers, you can also ask for professional opinions about the authenticity of the documents which the owner is presenting as proof of legal ownership to you.

• Arrange for a sea trial – Just like test driving a car you want to buy, this is also important when you intend to buy a yacht or boat. It would support all other evidences that the yacht or boat is indeed in good shape or not.

It can’t be as easy as picking out a yacht or boat which appeals to your taste and then pull out a bundle of cash and buy it. Yachts and boats are investments which cost a lot hence, it calls for extreme care and caution from finding to picking out one up to finally closing a deal.

Of Yachts and Boats: Finding the Right One that’s Priced Right


Do you often picture yourself traveling while riding your very own boat or yacht?  Well, what is keeping you from doing so?  For majority of those who dream about this possibility, what hinders them from making their dream into a reality is perhaps the fact that these are no non-serious investments.  Yachts and boats are indeed pricey investments but because they are investments, they will be your valuable possessions to keep and maintain.  You don’t have to fret as with the right considerations to make, you will find yachts and boats that may be right for you and at the same time, riced right – definitely.

Consider these thoughts: to find your dream boat or yacht, know what makes one the “right boat” at the “right price”.  First up, for the right boat or yacht, you should know what factors to consider in choosing the right one as there can be several available yachts and boats out there.

• The type – This is obviously your first consideration because for you to successfully find the right one, you will need to determine what can be right for you in terms of the type.  It should be one that suits your needs perfectly.  Everyone has his or her own set of likes and at the same time comes with the need to address so this should be one’s gauge in choosing which type of yacht or boat is the right one for you.

• The length – A yacht or boat’s length is another consideration as you will need to purchase one that can accommodate you or your lifestyle.  Say for instance you love hosting events and you believe that your boat or yacht makes an ideal place for these, then, choose a bigger one.  However, know that the bigger or longer your choice is, the pricier it becomes.

Now for the “right price”, one very important consideration for any interested yacht or boat owner.  You should first be able to determine the rice range of most yachts and boats today as this can serve as a good gauge in determining whether one is priced right or not.  Do not forget to consider your budget and your own willingness to spend for a certain cost.  Even if a yacht or boat is an investment may be worth making, if your budget should fall short or if you are having doubts as to spending a particular amount on one, it may not be priced right for you.  Create a limit as to how much you are willing to spend as well as to how much one type of yacht or boat should fare in today’s market.

You should keep in mind that you still have further expenses to worry about like charter fees and insurance.  If you are not as ready to make all necessary expenses then you should think twice about buying one right now.  Yachts and boats are far too costly as they can be too grand to own and keep.  Do your research and math really well before jumping on a deal.

Check out the world’s greatest yachts from this video:

Keeping Sea Sickness at Bay

Seasick dog on Scottish Islay Ferry
Seasick dog on Scottish Islay Ferry—Oliver Ruhm (

Yacht cruises are extremely fun, but not so if you are prone to being seasick. Don’t feel too embarrassed about being seasick; everyone feels it at one point or another during a boat trip. Even poor doggies like the one in the photo also go through it. And you can bet your fishing gear that even the most seasoned mariners and fishermen also experience a touch of clamminess and nausea once in a great while as they go about their business on a boat, too.

Sea sickness happens when your inner ear and eye start sending different signals to your brain when you’re on a boat. Sometimes even fumes from the boat’s engine or the fishy smell from nets and other fishing paraphernalia can contribute to the overall nausea, and there you go with your head over the boat’s edge, “feeding the fish” or mal de mer as they call it.

Your brain is then confused because it is used to getting receptors from a land-based body, and you feel queasy, nauseous, and dizzy, and your skin starts getting clammy before you start dry heaving or vomiting. How do you avoid all these so your boat trip won’t be ruined?

You can take an over the counter medication for motion sickness a few hours prior to boarding a boat. Ask your pharmacist for the proper dosage, and tell them if you are prone to sea sickness or just want a precautionary dosage. Most of these medication work well at keeping sea sickness and general nausea at bay, and they also help you recover faster if ever sea sickness has already set in.

You can also go for natural alternatives like ginger capsules, or even ginger snaps or ale. Ginger is quite good at working with the digestive tract so you have less chances of vomiting. Around 500 milligrams of ginger capsules should be enough to prevent sea sickness during a boat trip, but you can also bring a bottle of ginger ale which you can sip slowly to settle a threatening upset stomach.

When you’re already on board a boat, take huge gulps of fresh air and stare at the horizon so your vision and inner ear will get less confused once the boat starts moving. Soon you might even be able to find the motion soothing, and the sound of the waves lapping against the boat calming. Avoid reading or playing with hand-held gadgets, as these will only send more confused signals to your brain.

If you still find yourself getting seasick on the trip, sit down and take deep breaths, and make sure to drink lots of fluids containing electrolytes and glucose (Gatorade is a good beverage to have during these moments). Force yourself to eat saltine crackers and broth or slices of apples or pears, but nothing too rich like stews or savory meals, just so you can replace the lost nutrients you threw up.

Spend a Day at Marina del Ray

Marina Del Ray
Marina Del Ray—juhansonin (

Marina del Ray is a charming seaside man-made harbor in LA. It is the home port of thousands of boats, and has a total of nineteen marinas to hold these boats.

Spending a day at this quaint fisherman’s village can be a refreshing respite from the hustle and bustle of the city of Los Angeles, which surrounds it. Marina del Ray’s man-made harbor has been described as “the county’s most valuable resource” by the Los Angeles Times in 1997.

Yachts and other pleasure crafts and small boats go “home” to this port on a daily basis. For special occasions or if you simply wish to spend a pleasant day cruising, you can charter one of the boats. There are hourly and daily rates seven days a week on any of the docks.

One of Marina del Ray’s points of interests is the California Yacht Club. The place offers many activities not strictly confined to yachting. There is also the Fisherman’s Village, which is Marina del Ray’s waterfront mall. It is built to resemble a fishing village in New England, and promises a visual treat with such colorful constructions as a lighthouse, bright wooden buildings, a promenade, boat docks, and a working water fountain.

You can enjoy a variety of live music for free at the village’s square (where the fountain is), from rockabilly to reggae, jazz to blues, to salsa and funk. Live concerts start a little after the lunch hour. Speaking of lunch, you can get your meals from a variety of eating places at the Fisherman’s Village. The Lighthouse Grill offers snacks, light gourmet meals, and drinks. If you are in the mood for Asian food, try The Thai Garden Cafe. You can have a true waterfront dining experiences feasting on Mexican fare at El Torito, Italian cuisine at Sapori, and fresh seafood at the Angler’s Choice.

You can also go on fun fishing trips with family and friends. These are referred to as ‘open party’ public fishing trips, and are offered twice a day, every day, on the docks. If you want to stay on dry land, you can go biking. Bike rentals are available daily, and you can take advantage of the miles of coastal beach trails to bike on.

Special boating events coincide with big celebrations such as Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, and during the Christmas season. The Festival of Lights, or the annual Marina del Ray Holiday Boat Parade, is held on the second Saturday of December. Boat owners decorate their vessels in festive ways, and are judged by a panel for the most creative ones. And when it’s time for fireworks during New Year’s Eve and the 4th of July, make sure you are viewing them at the promenade, which offers the best vantage point for it (the fireworks are lit from a barge in the main channel).

Three Poems on Yachts

Marina Island Yacht Club
Marina Island Yacht Club—Tukang Kebun (

The Yachts

contend in a sea which the land partly encloses
shielding them from the too-heavy blows
of an ungoverned ocean which when it chooses

tortures the biggest hulls, the best man knows
to pit against its beatings, and sinks them pitilessly.
Mothlike in mists, scintillant in the minute

brilliance of cloudless days, with broad bellying sails
they glide to the wind tossing green water
from their sharp prows while over them the crew crawls

ant-like, solicitously grooming them, releasing,
making fast as they turn, lean far over and having
caught the wind again, side by side, head for the mark.

In a well guarded arena of open water surrounded by
lesser and greater crafts which, sycophant, lumbering
and flittering follow them, they appear youthful, rare

as the light of a happy eye, live with the grace
of all that in the mind is fleckless, free and
naturally to be desired. Now the sea whoch holds them

is moody, lapping their glossy sides, as of feeling
for some slightest flaw but fails completely.
Today no race. Then the wind comes again. The yachts

move, jockeying for a start, the signal is set and they
are off. Now the waves strike at them but they are too
well made, the slip through, though they take in canvas.

Arms with hands grasping seek to clutch at the prows
Bodies thrown recklessly in the way are cut aside.
It is a sea of faces about them in agony, in despair

until the horror of the race dawns staggering the mind;
the whole sea become an entanglement of watery bodies
lost to the world bearing what they can not hold. Broken,

beaten, desolate, reaching from the dead to be taken up
they cry out, failing, failing! their cries rising
in waves skill as the skillful yachts pass over.

-William Carlos Williams


Sail Out for God, Eidolon Yacht!

Heave the anchor short!
Raise main-sail and jib–steer forth,
O little white-hull’d sloop, now speed on really deep waters,
(I will not call it our concluding voyage,
But outset and sure entrance to the truest, best, maturest;)
Depart, depart from solid earth–no more returning to these shores,
Now on for aye our infinite free venture wending,
Spurning all yet tried ports, seas, hawsers, densities, gravitation,
Sail out for good, eidolon yacht of me!

-Walt Whitman


A Boat Beneath a Sunny Sky

A BOAT beneath a sunny sky,

Lingering onward dreamily
In an evening of July —

Children three that nestle near,
Eager eye and willing ear,
Pleased a simple tale to hear —

Long has paled that sunny sky:
Echoes fade and memories die:
Autumn frosts have slain July.

Still she haunts me, phantomwise,
Alice moving under skies
Never seen by waking eyes.

Children yet, the tale to hear,
Eager eye and willing ear,
Lovingly shall nestle near.

In a Wonderland they lie,
Dreaming as the days go by,
Dreaming as the summers die:

Ever drifting down the stream —
Lingering in the golden gleam —
Life, what is it but a dream?

-Lewis Carroll


Know The Best LA Yacht Clubs

The blog post A Guide to the Best Los Angeles Yacht Clubs

gives a helpful list of all the locations in LA which offer yacht-related activities and entertainment.

Read them and learn where you will be spending the weekend with your friends, family, or that special date.

The Marina Venice Boat Club offers various yacht and boat events, including racing and cruises aboard California coastline boats. There are competitions with other LA-based yacht clubs, making the events more exciting for participants. It is located in the Marina City Club and offers yacht memberships. We have found that the los angeles web design company to be very forward thinking with regards to the yachting industry and internet in general. Yachts and boating will at some point become an outlet for software and networking in general, this is the internet age.

The Del Ray Yacht Club also offers races and cruises, but its special offering centers more on socialization among its members and guests. There is an existing auxiliary within the club that organizes special events all year long, which even junior members are invited to participate in and enjoy.

Of course, the California Yacht Club makes the list. It has the most diverse membership base, and offers many activities to guests and members. Races, cruising, sailing, rowing, wind surfing, dances, fine dining, barbecues, and other social gatherings all vie for your attention and utmost pleasure.

Yacht Club
Yacht Club—dailyinvention (

The Pacific Mariners Boat Club also presents unique activities, but it has the distinction of being one of the few 24-hour yacht clubs whose docks are open to members and guests all day and all night. There are scheduled races and cruises, but those who like being on land more can enjoy social gatherings like parties, hockey games, and dinner-dances instead.

You can also consider going to the South Coast Corinthian Boat Club. It was established in 1932, and calls itself ‘the friendliest and oldest yacht club in Marina del Ray.’ It boasts of a 24-hour clubhouse where dances, parties, meetings, and other gatherings can be held. As well, cruises and races are offered, and luaus add to the fun.

Fun Things You Can Do On A Yacht

We’ve already established the allure of chartering a yacht for special events. Today, it’s time to turn our attention to the fun things you can do should you find yourself on a yacht (or owning one, which is all kinds of awesome in itself).

Yacht Party in Halifax
Yacht Party in Halifax—drazz (
  • Have a party. In this Fashion Bloggers post called What to wear to a yacht party , the author emphasizes the frivolous side of attending a party aboard a yacht. Makeup and dress in keeping with a certain theme are oftentimes associated with big charity fundraisers and other prominent events aboard a yacht, so dressing up is a must (you have to think of giving the paparazzi the best angles!).

However, if it’s more of a casual, family-and-friends or even spring break party on a yacht you are attending, casual is your best bet. A striped shirt, khaki pants or shorts, or anything breezy will do. If there is swimming involved, by all means, wear a wrap over your swimsuit!


  • Hold a barbecue or a sit-down dinner. Again, depending on the occasion and people invited, you can hold a dinner party aboard a yacht and enjoy your meal al fresco under the blue skies and with a soothing breeze blowing. As mentioned, sit-down dinners or cocktails are usually for big parties and fundraisers. But if it’s just going to be a casual thing, you can cook your own meals! Holding a barbecue on deck can really whet the appetite as you sail or stay docked somewhere, with the waves gently rocking your boat. As they say, there’s nothing like the open sea and air to whet an appetite!
Yacht barbecue, Lunch with Jannie on the Barbecue
Yacht barbecue, Lunch with Jannie on the Barbecue—Nick J Webb (
  • Swim or snorkel in the open sea. A yacht can take you to a calm part of the waters where you can just plunge in to swim, or wear your snorkeling or SCUBA gear to explore its depths. It can serve as a platform for diving, and a small “home” where you can change clothes, have a meal, and relax after an exhilerating swim or dive. Yachts are truly handy vessels which have a lot of uses, and which hold the potential for providing hours of fun.

Singapore’s Promising Yacht Industry

Today Online reports on how the yacht charter business is expected to grow further this year in Asia, especially in Singapore. Boat Asia 2012 and managing director at TMX Show Productions Mr Herman Ho says,”We are still very much in an infancy stage, so I expect it to grow by 20 to 30 per cent this year.”

Many now choose to celebrate special events on the sea, so yachts have become much sought-after vessels in order to do so. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and even company-sponsored events are now being held more and more on chartered yachts.

Princess yacht, Royal Yacht Britannia—Salicia (

 Princess yacht, Royal Yacht Britannia

The boom of the yacht chartering industry in Singapore is highly encouraging, especially as far as tourism is concerned. However, many other tasks need to be done in order to make this blossoming business waterproof and coasting along merrily (pardon the pun) .

For starters, proper berthing facilities and the training of crews to handle these yachts and their passengers are musts. This means looking at existing boating infrastructure to see how they can accommodate yachts, and maybe integrating yacht stewardship training  in schools of hospitality and hotel management.

Yacht dinner, dinner
Yacht dinner, dinner—Tom Purves (


There are many ways to promote this industry, and many target markets for it, as well. Many associate yachts with luxury and romantic adventures on the high seas, but really, it could be a fun family affair, too. Promoting the campaign by way of it being a family activity could just significantly boost yacht charter sales, and give birth to a new and exciting bonding experience on the sea.

History of the Boat

What is a boat? What were the basic usage for boats ages ago?

Halls Boat

Many years ago, boats doesn’t look like the one that we see today that they use to travel human beings, animals or things to the other side of the island. They used to have the “Logboats”, or the “Pesse Canoe”. The trunk of the tree was used to build the Canoe, the name of the tree was “Pinus Sylvestris”.

“Boats have served as short-distance transportation since early times. Circumstantial evidence, such as the early settlement of Australia over 40,000 years ago, and findings in Crete dated 130,000 years ago, suggests that boats have been used since ancient times.”

The boats were used for transportation and trading vessels, but not only that they are also using boats to get catch fishes in the sea. Sometimes they don’t need to use boats to catch some fish but sometimes they do if they want to catch big fishes. The boats play a very important role from many year ago until today.

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Today we use boats of any sizes, well big boats are usually called ships or cargo ships. We use to travel cars, big boxes, dresses and many more. I wonder if they can travel a house as well. That’s going to be super fun. :-)

Well for whatever reason they use the boat for, I love being in one. It’s really fun to travel by sea, though it takes more time than flying from one country to another, but its worth every second. You just have to sit back, relax and enjoy the view.